"With Sinister Fate" (Demo)

by Fatal Arrival

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"With Sinister Fate" is the debut (2013) Demo by Classic Heavy Metal Band 'Fatal Arrival' including 3 diversified songs full of darkness, gloomy atmosphere and screaming vocals.


released January 1, 2013

Music - F. Gravefield / M. Brösing
Lyrics - F. Gravefield

F. "Gravefield" Lehmann - Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Vocals
M. Brösing - Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals on 'Fatal Arrival' (refrain)

Guest Musicians:
B. "Benz Wardrum" Lempe - Drums
F. Leuchtmann on Bass Guitar

Mixed and mastered by P. Langforth from Alpha Tiger
Cover Artwork by N. Wessel
Band Logo by www.orakley.de & lethian photography



all rights reserved


Fatal Arrival Leipzig, Germany

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Track Name: Fatal Arrival
Fatal Arrival
(Music - M. Brösing / F. Gravefield, Lyrics - F. Gravefield)

Take me to the town where I was born
Where once the stars signed my way
And parents chose my name
The mission still uncertain

Where all seemed to be open
Yeah and possible it was
And where the flower started growing
In wind and weather fighting any burden

Hordes of hate with sinister fate
Stand weaponed before deaths door
All graves dug
Get ready for the fatal arrival

Between the frontlines I look around
Incomprehension with clenched fist
The nameless soldiers of death
Are coming closer, coming closer


The hate that grows in our children
Is the hate that adult feed
Who shines in the colourless world?
And points them in the right direction?

Track Name: Snakeskin Vagabond
Snakeskin Vagabond
(Words & Music by Franz Gravefield)

Misunderstood and feared
Due to his appearance
Scarecrow he is called
He dreams of deliverance

Shakes his head and goes his way
Closed-minded he would never stay
His name is snakeskin vagabond
Track Name: Archivist of Death (Frankenstein from Nizhny Novgorod)
Archivist of Death (Frankenstein from Nizhny Novgorod)
(Words & Music by Franz Gravefield)

For two years he heaped
Up his "daughters" as he said
Revived from their sleep
Gathered in his flat

They wonder
What is he doing at night?
Horrible story
Highly regarded man turnes out a fright

A family life
With corpses mummified

Stolen by the robber
Body parts made to dolls
About 20 in number
Wrapped in women clothes


"When the cemetery was black
I slept on their graves at night.
Their souls spoke with me
They came from the tombs alight"

Ghost voice:
"Oh...take me home!"

Showed films and read them
Made parties as he said
Now people call him
Archivist of death